{Summer 2013} Part 2

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I’m pretty sure contentment is a virtue. So to that I say- I’m trying very hard to be content (And even joyful!) this winter. Still, it’s not wrong to reminisce over summer, right? 😉

PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage1


{Summer 2013} 11.12.13

November 13, 2013 § 4 Comments

PicMonkey Collage

In the wake of countless pumpkin recipes, pictures of sweater-clad pretties cradling a steamy mug of tea in their hands, leaves trying to change colors (for the most part, they’re going from green to brown… live oaks, pine trees, and magnolias are rather boring when it comes to fall, which is sad), and most of all, the seemingly IN MY FACE UNTIL I BUY THEM riding boots,

I’m feeling a bit melancholy. (And really, the boot thing is kind of ridiculous this year. Maybe it’s because I’m more aware of fashion {Thank you Pinterest}, but the trend seems almost cultish this year. I’m resisting, mostly because I’m poor, but also because I’m poor.)

The melancholy is mostly not about boots. It’s about summer.

I usually dread the long steamy muggy mosquito-y sweaty April-through-November (Yeah, it was in the seventies today. The chilly air is hit and miss this month.) hot summer days,

but this year

I enjoyed it.

Perhaps it was because I had a fun bike riding partner

or because I was able to travel a bit

or maybe I just focused on enjoying the moment more.

All I know is, I’m kind of missing it. It could be the fact that I’m being faced with real life things like “Are you going to college?” and “Will you take the ACT again?” “You’re becoming a nuclear physicist-brain surgeon-paleontologist, right?”  and heavy schoolwork and responsibility and self improvement.

I suppose I just miss living more simply, more carefree.

No tight schedules or have-to-get-this-done or very much stress.

I have to try to act like a grown up.

Which, humorously, I spent most of my early young adult years (if 10-now is considered a young adult…) trying so desperately to be.

Like, can I just be four again?


I’d totally cash in all those naps I refused.


This is an Inspiring Post. {all things floral}

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A flower – shrivelled, bare of fragrance,


Forgotten on a page – I see,


And instantly my soul awakens,

e863c3a111c8b72ed44a159d82c50aabFilled with an aimless reverie:


When did it bloom? the last spring? earlier? How long?


Where was it plucked? By whom?


By foreign hands? or by familiar?


And why put here, as in a tomb?


To mark a tender meeting by it?


A parting with a precious one?


Or just a walk, alone and quiet,


In forests’ shade? in meadows’ sun?


Is she alive? Is he still with her?


Where is their haven at this hour?


Or did they both already wither,


Like this unfathomable flower?

{The Flower – Alexander Pushkin}


A Summer Getaway {Part 1}

July 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

A few weeks ago, I had the lovliest time in Fairhope, Alabama, with a choice group of close friends. It was marvelous! I thought I would share a few snapshots I captured while vacationing. Happy summering!


June2013 029

June2013 019

June2013 027

June2013 061

June2013 055

June2013 050

June2013 064

June2013 096

June2013 174

June2013 172

June2013 164

June2013 260

June2013 259

June2013 252

June2013 248

June2013 246

June2013 240

June2013 266

June2013 273

June2013 276

June2013 280

June2013 287

June2013 303

June2013 352

June2013 345

June2013 324

June2013 323

June2013 322

June2013 320

June2013 413

June2013 410

June2013 404

June2013 403

June2013 401

June2013 400

June2013 399

June2013 507

June2013 505

June2013 502

June2013 499

June2013 439


{Thoughts and Pictures}

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may2013 380

When I feel like I have too much on my plate,

may2013 359
when my abilities are stretched and tested farther than I believe is possible

may2013 373
I usually just want to shut down

may2013 383
block out any and all responsibility

may2013 392
because I’m scared.

may2013 397
It’s these times I’m so tempted to rely on my own strength, or lack thereof

may2013 400
and shrink away from the possibility of trying.

may2013 403
I have to unclench my fists from their tight grasp on control

may2013 407
and give it all

may2013 370

may2013 360
to Christ.

may2013 303
Fail or succeed, His plan is intricately richer than any of my aspirations.



It isn’t what the picture is of, it is what it is about. {John Szarkowski}

April 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’m in no way a photographer, but I’ve been itching to get a good-quality camera to capture memories, ideas, and whatever else catches my eye. I bought one the other day, and finally snapped some shots this afternoon after a nice thunderstorm.
The quote I used as the title today is quite accurate, I think. These may be trivial images to you, but to me they represent the beginning of summer. (You read that right; I said summer. I live in the South, y’all, it’s as humid as it can get right now, and rather warm! :P)

I’m not as quite as busy as I have been, so I will definitely work on posting more on both of my neglected blogs! 😛

April 28 038

This is my Father’s world

April 28 037

O let me ne’er forget

April 28 018

that though the wrong

April 28 062

seems oft so strong,

April 28 059

God is the ruler yet.

April 28 050

This is my Father’s world:

April 28 046

why should my heart be sad?

April 28 047

The Lord is King;

April 28 023

let the heavens ring!

April 28 026

God reigns;

April 28 031

let the earth be glad!

April 28 008

Right after this photo Mr. Lizard ate a bug. I’m sure it made him happy, but he still resembled the Grumpy Cat.

"Y u no let me out?"

“Y u no let me out?”

Poor Schultz. Life looks so big on the other side of the fence. I’d let him out, but I worry about the neighbor’s cats.

They would eat him alive. 😉



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