{Summer 2013} 11.12.13

November 13, 2013 § 4 Comments

PicMonkey Collage

In the wake of countless pumpkin recipes, pictures of sweater-clad pretties cradling a steamy mug of tea in their hands, leaves trying to change colors (for the most part, they’re going from green to brown… live oaks, pine trees, and magnolias are rather boring when it comes to fall, which is sad), and most of all, the seemingly IN MY FACE UNTIL I BUY THEM riding boots,

I’m feeling a bit melancholy. (And really, the boot thing is kind of ridiculous this year. Maybe it’s because I’m more aware of fashion {Thank you Pinterest}, but the trend seems almost cultish this year. I’m resisting, mostly because I’m poor, but also because I’m poor.)

The melancholy is mostly not about boots. It’s about summer.

I usually dread the long steamy muggy mosquito-y sweaty April-through-November (Yeah, it was in the seventies today. The chilly air is hit and miss this month.) hot summer days,

but this year

I enjoyed it.

Perhaps it was because I had a fun bike riding partner

or because I was able to travel a bit

or maybe I just focused on enjoying the moment more.

All I know is, I’m kind of missing it. It could be the fact that I’m being faced with real life things like “Are you going to college?” and “Will you take the ACT again?” “You’re becoming a nuclear physicist-brain surgeon-paleontologist, right?”  and heavy schoolwork and responsibility and self improvement.

I suppose I just miss living more simply, more carefree.

No tight schedules or have-to-get-this-done or very much stress.

I have to try to act like a grown up.

Which, humorously, I spent most of my early young adult years (if 10-now is considered a young adult…) trying so desperately to be.

Like, can I just be four again?


I’d totally cash in all those naps I refused.



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§ 4 Responses to {Summer 2013} 11.12.13

  • heyyitsgabbi says:

    “You’re becoming a nuclear physicist-brain surgeon-paleontologist, right?”

    that’s the most relateable thing ever bahahhahahah (x

  • Rebekah says:

    ::sigh:: I miss summer, too. Are those pictures yours? (They’re beautiful!)

    I did, however, buy a pair of boots. But I actually (somewhat, sort-of, mostly) needed them. It wasn’t just one of those, “EVERYONE HAS THEM SO I MUST HAVE THEM TOO!” sort of things. 😀

    • Yep, I’ve been trying to figure out how to use my camera since I bought it! 😉 And thank you.

      I’m totally not condemning any of the boot-buyers-of-2013, to clarify! ;D I really like your boots. 🙂

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