-1 Project ~ Day 1/30

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

I decided to start this project based on two reasons:

1. It will help me be more consistent with blogging

2. I really need to simplify!

What is this “-1 Project,” you ask? It’s my small effort to declutter my things and simplify my life. I’m picking out one item/set of items a day, and either putting them away for future use, repurposing them, or giving/throwing them away. It’s a way to really see how the things I think I “need” have a hold on me. I want to keep only things I need, are truly meaningful to me, and things I use constantly. No, I don’t need a Kindle, but it’s not going to Goodwill, either. 😉

Basically, I’m trying to set priorities, and learn that freedom comes with less responsibility of “stuff.”


For day one, I finally said “Until next time!” to something that should have been put in storage in January.  My quaint little Christmas tree, with his sweet adornments:

may1 004

I’ll miss you, little buddy! Just know it’s for the best. 😉




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