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May 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

may2013 380

When I feel like I have too much on my plate,

may2013 359
when my abilities are stretched and tested farther than I believe is possible

may2013 373
I usually just want to shut down

may2013 383
block out any and all responsibility

may2013 392
because I’m scared.

may2013 397
It’s these times I’m so tempted to rely on my own strength, or lack thereof

may2013 400
and shrink away from the possibility of trying.

may2013 403
I have to unclench my fists from their tight grasp on control

may2013 407
and give it all

may2013 370

may2013 360
to Christ.

may2013 303
Fail or succeed, His plan is intricately richer than any of my aspirations.




-1 Project ~ Day 2/30

May 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

I love candles.

may1 007

They smell amazing, look nice, and add a bit of coziness and ambience to a room.


there is such a thing as excess;

too much.

My small bedroom was cluttered with delightfully scented candles, and it was a small problem. I needed to let go.

Surprisingly (not 😉 ), my room still looks fine without them all. I even have more space on my bookshelves (one of which will have to go) and dresser. My life remains complete without them.

They’re now happily residing in a cozy little space in the china cabinet, neighbors with the Christmas candles. I’ll pull one out every now and then, but

we are




getting back together.

(Like, they can still visit and stuff, but just one at a time. I’m limiting the crazy, see? Totally mature of me, I know.)


Oh, by the way-anyone still interested in the themed posts I started off doing? I’d like to start those up again, I think… Let me know!

-1 Project ~ Day 1/30

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

I decided to start this project based on two reasons:

1. It will help me be more consistent with blogging

2. I really need to simplify!

What is this “-1 Project,” you ask? It’s my small effort to declutter my things and simplify my life. I’m picking out one item/set of items a day, and either putting them away for future use, repurposing them, or giving/throwing them away. It’s a way to really see how the things I think I “need” have a hold on me. I want to keep only things I need, are truly meaningful to me, and things I use constantly. No, I don’t need a Kindle, but it’s not going to Goodwill, either. 😉

Basically, I’m trying to set priorities, and learn that freedom comes with less responsibility of “stuff.”


For day one, I finally said “Until next time!” to something that should have been put in storage in January.  My quaint little Christmas tree, with his sweet adornments:

may1 004

I’ll miss you, little buddy! Just know it’s for the best. 😉



{Draw with Light}

May 6, 2013 § 4 Comments

A friend and mentor asked if I would post a picture I drew recently so that she could see it. Here it is! 🙂




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