It isn’t what the picture is of, it is what it is about. {John Szarkowski}

April 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

I’m in no way a photographer, but I’ve been itching to get a good-quality camera to capture memories, ideas, and whatever else catches my eye. I bought one the other day, and finally snapped some shots this afternoon after a nice thunderstorm.
The quote I used as the title today is quite accurate, I think. These may be trivial images to you, but to me they represent the beginning of summer. (You read that right; I said summer. I live in the South, y’all, it’s as humid as it can get right now, and rather warm! :P)

I’m not as quite as busy as I have been, so I will definitely work on posting more on both of my neglected blogs! 😛

April 28 038

This is my Father’s world

April 28 037

O let me ne’er forget

April 28 018

that though the wrong

April 28 062

seems oft so strong,

April 28 059

God is the ruler yet.

April 28 050

This is my Father’s world:

April 28 046

why should my heart be sad?

April 28 047

The Lord is King;

April 28 023

let the heavens ring!

April 28 026

God reigns;

April 28 031

let the earth be glad!

April 28 008

Right after this photo Mr. Lizard ate a bug. I’m sure it made him happy, but he still resembled the Grumpy Cat.

"Y u no let me out?"

“Y u no let me out?”

Poor Schultz. Life looks so big on the other side of the fence. I’d let him out, but I worry about the neighbor’s cats.

They would eat him alive. 😉




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