Thrift finds.

March 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I love a good deal, but I really like good quality better. You can get that when thrifting, but you may have to dig a little! It’s worth it, though.


Dress: Goodwill, $5.99
Shoes: Goodwill, $2.99
Earrings: Gift, free (Unless you count my seconds… those were $12)
Nylons: Given to me still-in-the-box, free

Total outfit cost, (not including studs 😉 ) : $8.98

Pretty good, no?

Sadly, I haven’t found one of those treasure troves in my area where there is many vintage items. I may have to branch out a little though; Goodwill is my main dig!

Thrifting tip: Only buy what you love. You found 3 things that fit, you like them all, but you just LOVE that purple number? Only get the purple. Otherwise, you’ll come home with things you’ll only use once. (I did this recently with a dress I thought I would alter to fit right; that didn’t work out… So it’s going to become a skirt soon!)



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