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In case anybody feels like some Shakespeare… http://shakespeare.mit.edu/hamlet/full.html



Nana’s Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies

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Image These aren’t my Grandmother’s recipe, but a friend’s. These have definitely compounded my love for pumpkin and chocolate though. They are cakey, moist and richly textured. Definitely a scrumptious diversion from pretty much anything.

*Enjoyment is multiplied when eaten with eyes tightly closed.

Nana’s Pumpkin Chip Cookies

4c. flour                          1c. white sugar

2c. oats                           1 egg (I used 1Tbsp. ground flax seed+3Tbsp. water)

2tsp. baking soda         1tsp. vanilla

3tsp. cinnamon             1 can (15oz.) pumpkin puree 

1tsp. salt                         1c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1c. softened butter


Preheat oven to 350*F

Combine flour, oats, soda, cinnamon, + salt in bowl. Set aside. Cream butter + sugars til light and fluffy. Add egg + vanilla. Alternate additions of dry ingredients + pumpkin, mixing well after each addition. Stir chips in. Place small scoops on baking sheet.

Bake until tops are firm, (the recipe says 13-15 minutes, but mine took more like 20-25 minutes) let cool.

Makes 4-5 dozen.



Valentine’s Day… fact?

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Saint Valentine was supposedly a real dude. I tend to believe that this was probably (at the root) true.


This is a portion of the article from wiki:

“The inconsistency in the identification of the saint is replicated in the various vita that are ascribed to him. A commonly ascribed hagiographical identity appears in the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493). Alongside a woodcut portrait of Valentine, the text states that he was a Roman priest martyred during the reign of Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus. He was arrested and imprisoned upon being caught marrying Christian couples and otherwise aiding Christians who were at the time being persecuted by Claudius in Rome. Helping Christians at this time was considered a crime. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner – until Valentinus tried to convert the Emperor –whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stones; when that failed to kill him, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate. Various dates are given for the martyrdom or martyrdoms.

Another popular hagiography describes Saint Valentine as the former Bishop of Terni, a city in southern Umbria, in what is now central Italy. While under house arrest of Judge Asterius, and discussing his faith with him, Valentinus (the Roman pronunciation of his name) was discussing the validity of Jesus. The judge put Valentinus to the test and brought to him the judge’s adopted blind daughter. If Valentinus succeeded in restoring the girl’s sight, Asterius would do anything he asked. Valentinus laid his hands on her eyes and the child’s vision was restored. Immediately humbled, the judge asked Valentinus what he should do. Valentinus replied that all of the idols around the judge’s house should be broken, the judge should fast for three days, and then undergo baptism. The judge obeyed and as a result, freed all the Christian inmates under his authority. The judge, his family and forty others were baptized.  Valentinus was later arrested again for continuing to serve Jesus and was sent to the prefect of Rome, to the emperor Claudius himself. Claudius took a liking to him until Valentinus tried to lead Claudius to Jesus, whereupon Claudius refused and condemned Valentinus to death, commanding that Valentinus either renounce his faith or he would be beaten with clubs, and beheaded. Valentinus refused and Claudius’ command was executed outside the Flaminian Gate February 14, 269.”

What do you think?

I am a lazy person. Without a dry scalp. {DIY Post}

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Well, maybe lazy isn’t the right term. I procrastinate.  It’s terrible, I know. But I do try… sometimes. 

Sometimes I try to figure out why I don’t have perfect skin, perfect diet, perfect exercise routine, perfect house, perfect dinner…. I mean, in this land of Pinterestdom, we should have it together by now, right? But no, it just contributes to the whole “procrastination” thing. 

Don’t worry, I still don’t undertand why, either.

I used to think I had dandruff (eep!) until I read about the difference between dandruff and dry scalp.  As it turns out, I have the latter.

Dandruff developes when your scalp produces too much oil, and the sebum blocks up your hair follicles. Its flakes are somewhat large and yellow-white (sorry that sounds gross, y’all. It is what it is.) It’s often accompanied by hair that becomes easily greasy (which may have seemed contradictory until now) and has become thinner.

Dry scalp, on the other hand, is pretty self explanitory. The flakes are white and very small, and it often doesn’t rear its ugly head until dry, cold weather comes around.

I found a recipe for a scalp treatment that looked pretty good. I was willing to try anything, at this point! (Being mortified to go to the hairdresser because of the condition of my scalp isn’t my happy place, come to find out.)

{Enter Coconut oil scalp treatment.}

1.Take about 4 tablespoons softened coconut oil, mix with 2-4 (depending on sensitivity) drops tea tree oil, and 3-4 drops of rosemary oil. Rosemary and tea tree oil are both great for treating dry flaky scalps, and stimulate the hair follicle for hair growth, among other things. You can also adjust the amounts, but keep in mind that tea tree oil can be irritating if you use too much, so use caution.
2.You’ll start on dry hair, and it really makes no difference if it is clean or not. Starting on top, place the brush on the scalp, rotate it across the scalp while pressing down and pull off in the end. Repeat across the scalp, parting hair where necessary. This will stimulate the blood circulation and loosen any dry skin scales. This should feel good, don’t press so hard that it hurts.
(This was my “It had better work-” well, no… I’m just a crazy person.)
3.Next part the hair down the center and apply the oil mixture to the scalp with the application brush or cotton ball. Work in one inch sections down the sides of the head, then the back making sure the mixture covers the entire scalp.
4.Now give your scalp a good massage. Rub with your fingertips in a circular motion all over the scalp. Leave the treatment on for about 20 minutes.
Finish it off with a good shampoo and conditioner.

I really loved this! My scalp was itch- and flake-free for over a week! I’ve done it once more since then, and had great results again. I’m hoping this won’t be such an issue in the summer, but now I’m armed with knowledge- and quite dangerous!

Here is the link to the full instructions, provided by Destri at The Mother Huddle.


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