November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

My reply to that rather snarky comment meant to belittle?

Don’t worry. I have potatoes.

…Say what?

I’ll say it again. Potatoes.

They grow in the dirt, you consume them in a myriad of ways, (one of them being the fast food industry, most likely. Your Mother-in-law’s casserole could be another…) and are seemingly humble little tubers.

But did you know they are very useful raw?

One of the most functional and interesting tips I found was for burns. (Thus the awkward, confusing title. In case no one gets my humor.) Put a raw slice on the burned area and it will draw the heat out. (You don’t want to do this for a major burn, fyi.) You can make a pultice for a larger area by finely dicing the potatoe and mixing just enough water to get a pasty consistency. Neat, huh?

Another was to reduce puffiness under the eyes. The high potassium content of raw potatoes deminishes dark circles. Just slap on a couple slices directly under the eyes, lay back for 20 minutes, and let them work their magic!

You can read about other ways to use the here, here, and here.


I’m traveling tomorrow to visit my big sister for Thanksgiving, and I have yet to pack.

I blame it on genetics. Which my sister did not inherit. Not that she’s weird or anything, because saying that wouldn’t be nice.

She just packs on time like a regular person. (Okay, isn’t she seriously crazy though?!? I mean, being on time and everything, like, really?!?)

We are going to have fun, her husband is going to think I’m weirder than ever (but of course accept me for me, right? 😉 ), I’ll just laugh, and try to act civilized around the two Thanksgiving  guests that neither I nor my sister and her hubby have ever met. It will be a blast. 🙂

I pray you and yours have a lovely, memorable week, whether together or apart.


Happy Thanksgiving!




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