Baby, it’s COLD outside!

October 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Well, sort of.*

*It’s 55 degrees fahrenheit at 3pm in Southern USA. Which is freezing.

I should be wearing a sweater, but I don’t want to get cat hair on it. So I’ll wait.

Tonight is kids, marshmallows, fire, chattering teeth, hot chocolate, and happiness. Not necessarily in that order.

The backyard has been worked today. We are taking dominion. (It’s scary.) The lawn has been mowed for the last time this season, hedges trimmed and trees pruned, sticks picked up, the patio found. (who knew it was still where we left it: under groundcover that had become quite feral!) The leaves were raked, but I do think that will be a continuous job all fall and winter.

I loved on the poor dogs that live in our backyard. They were very happy for the extra attention. I also remembered why I don’t own a dog*.

*Puppy breath is cute. Not five-year-old breath. Oh, and dogs need baths way too often. I’m just not good with that kind of upkeep. I once starved my fish because I forgot to write “feed fish” on the calendar after I flipped it to the next month. I know, it’s awful. 😮

I think I’m going to post my UCL soon, just in case you want to get me something. Because you’re rich. Or you love me. Or something. UCL= Unrealistic Christmas List. 😉

Leaves are falling, but still no color here! Do you have a beautiful Autumn where you live?

Next weekend it’s going to be back in the 80’s during the day. Sigh.



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§ 2 Responses to Baby, it’s COLD outside!

  • Rebekah says:

    Speaking of which! Have you heard that song before?! It was originally done by Dean Martin but you have GOT to hear Drew and Ellie Holcomb’s version. It’s amaaaazing. And it’s on my For The Love of Music pinboard. 🙂

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