Make It Yourself Mondays ~ Leaves are falling!

October 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Okay, so I’ve said this before, but… I just adore Autumn! I took an hour this morning to cycle all over the neighborhood, and although I enjoyed myself, I came back a little disappointed. You see, I live on the Gulf Coast. It was seventy degrees when I left at 6a.m. this morning! Cold weather here comes and goes, with constant Indian summers disrupting what coolness we do get. Oh, and forget about the leaves changing colors! Have you ever seen oaks, pines, or magnolias turn shades of yellow, orange or red? Nope. That’s because they don’t. 😛 Since those trees make up 80-90% of the foliage here* we don’t get as much color as I would prefer.

*Percentage based on completely bogus guesstimating.

So all of this leaves (Haha, leaves. Get it? No? Oh, um, nevermind.) me somewhat idolizing fall as an ideal, if you will. Spending time in other climates has often left me yearning to move to Montana* for the climate.

*Montana’s nice in the fall, right?

The South does have many pros, though. You can wear flip-flops year-round. Shorts are acceptable in any month. As long as you don’t “sun” (tan), your skin has the potential not to wrinkle as much because of the humidity! 😀

I’m fascinated with, and by leaves.

The intricacies of each design,

the veins running through them,

and yes,

some of their abilities to change colors with the seasons.

Here’s to the leaf, a symbol of change. Or of Canada.

(The link is just to a bigger image of this..)

Do you have a crisp, colorful Autumn, or do you live in Cali where everything’s just beachy?


~Hannah B

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