Baby, it’s COLD outside!

October 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Well, sort of.*

*It’s 55 degrees fahrenheit at 3pm in Southern USA. Which is freezing.

I should be wearing a sweater, but I don’t want to get cat hair on it. So I’ll wait.

Tonight is kids, marshmallows, fire, chattering teeth, hot chocolate, and happiness. Not necessarily in that order.

The backyard has been worked today. We are taking dominion. (It’s scary.) The lawn has been mowed for the last time this season, hedges trimmed and trees pruned, sticks picked up, the patio found. (who knew it was still where we left it: under groundcover that had become quite feral!) The leaves were raked, but I do think that will be a continuous job all fall and winter.

I loved on the poor dogs that live in our backyard. They were very happy for the extra attention. I also remembered why I don’t own a dog*.

*Puppy breath is cute. Not five-year-old breath. Oh, and dogs need baths way too often. I’m just not good with that kind of upkeep. I once starved my fish because I forgot to write “feed fish” on the calendar after I flipped it to the next month. I know, it’s awful. 😮

I think I’m going to post my UCL soon, just in case you want to get me something. Because you’re rich. Or you love me. Or something. UCL= Unrealistic Christmas List. 😉

Leaves are falling, but still no color here! Do you have a beautiful Autumn where you live?

Next weekend it’s going to be back in the 80’s during the day. Sigh.




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Why is this? Why?! 😉

Make It Yourself Mondays ~ Leaves are falling!

October 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Okay, so I’ve said this before, but… I just adore Autumn! I took an hour this morning to cycle all over the neighborhood, and although I enjoyed myself, I came back a little disappointed. You see, I live on the Gulf Coast. It was seventy degrees when I left at 6a.m. this morning! Cold weather here comes and goes, with constant Indian summers disrupting what coolness we do get. Oh, and forget about the leaves changing colors! Have you ever seen oaks, pines, or magnolias turn shades of yellow, orange or red? Nope. That’s because they don’t. 😛 Since those trees make up 80-90% of the foliage here* we don’t get as much color as I would prefer.

*Percentage based on completely bogus guesstimating.

So all of this leaves (Haha, leaves. Get it? No? Oh, um, nevermind.) me somewhat idolizing fall as an ideal, if you will. Spending time in other climates has often left me yearning to move to Montana* for the climate.

*Montana’s nice in the fall, right?

The South does have many pros, though. You can wear flip-flops year-round. Shorts are acceptable in any month. As long as you don’t “sun” (tan), your skin has the potential not to wrinkle as much because of the humidity! 😀

I’m fascinated with, and by leaves.

The intricacies of each design,

the veins running through them,

and yes,

some of their abilities to change colors with the seasons.

Here’s to the leaf, a symbol of change. Or of Canada.

(The link is just to a bigger image of this..)

Do you have a crisp, colorful Autumn, or do you live in Cali where everything’s just beachy?


~Hannah B

Action Figures.

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This is why men shouldn’t own action figures… 😀

Make-Up Revolution.

October 11, 2012 § 3 Comments

Make-up has been around for ages, but the industry has been constantly evolving since it really became popular around the 1910’s. This is a very interesting site if you’d like to learn more! All of these pictures remain in their original copywrites, I do not own them.

I think most of us know what the fashions were in the 1980’s-2000’s, so I’ll start here:

The 70’s emphasis was definitely on the eyes, and tan skin was (finally) in!


In the 60’s, colors got a bit brighter…
Pastels were definitely the favorite during this decade, along with full, shaped eyebrows and bright lips!
You know that “triangle affect” Kim K. uses on her cheekbones? It was used in the 40’s to help achieve the classic look! And don’t you just love this woman’s hair? 🙂
“Mascara was now a necessity in a make-up kit, and the fashionable application techniques concentrated on the upper eyelashes, leaving the lower untouched. Eyeliner was traced from the tear duct with an upturned triangle effect. Eyeshadows became more pear shaped with sweeping lines outwards to enlarge the eye.” – from Glamour Daze
“The inventions of the 1910s of mascara, lipstick, eye-shadows, pan-sticks, powder compacts etc by leading innovators such as Max Factor, Maurice levy and TL Williams the founder of Maybelline were now to be found on dressing tables and women’s handbags all over the developed world.” – from Glamour Daze
Max Factor made a big impact when he opened up a studio in LA, CA and started creating the “siren” look for actresses. A man gave us the first commercially available mascara when he saw his sister mixing vaseline and coal dust to darken her lashes.
In this era, some greasepaint-type makeup was used, though not daily. Rouge was often used daily, though.


In the Victorian Era, the main things used was powder, to achieve a lighter complexion.

So there you have it! Make-up through the decades…


~Hannah B

Pine cones.

October 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Pine cones.

I just love this.

Hairstyles, Random Musings, and Lip Balm.

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Were you a bookworm as a child? I, in a balanced way, (I hope!) certainly was. The current pages I read were practically a part of me. When my mother would tell me to go play outside,  many a time I would grab the latest intrigue, climb a tree, and spend an hour in typed oblivion. [disclaimer :  I did truly play very often! 🙂 ]  Something about a life not my own, full of history and adventure I might never personally experience, was, and still is, captivating. I could know the life of a young queen in the 17th century, or make syrup with Laura Ingall’s grandmother, or realize that he definitely should not have asked the clerk why he worked late last Friday. I must say, I still feel this way! My life might be much busier,  but when I can, I still adore curling up in a corner with an old favorite – or a new unknown.

On a different note: I, like many others, have been part of a lovely world called Pinterest since this spring. It can definitely be a time waster, but mostly, I find many neat ideas I that never entered my mind! I thought a few of you might enjoy these hair-bow tutorials that have been rather popular lately. 

Also, here’s a video tutorial!

On another completely different note: I make lip balm with beeswax from my dad’s beehives. I’m getting ready for a craft fair this Satuday, and am very excited with how my booth will look! I’ll probably post pictures this weekend.

Did you have a favorite book when you were a child? How about now? Was there a sacred place meant only for you and those curled pages? Or did you care less when it came to books or reading?

~Hannah B

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