All Things Wedding ~ Part 3

September 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

“Here comes the bride! Oh, look at that marvelous dress, she is absolutely stunning! Just radiant! Aw, I knew she’d wear that old pair of All-Star’s from their first date. That’s cute, sentimentally speaking. Wow, that bouquet is really something; it looks like it weighs ten pounds! And the way it wisps down to the floor like that… she must really love gardenias!”

Okay, so that’s not what always runs through our heads when we attend a wedding, but we ladies do love to take in the details!  Today we are focusing on one of those particulars: the Bouquet.

Certain brides walk up the aisle holding a single stem. Others have an armful of flora that drapes nearly to the floor. Most are in-between. Don’t be afraid to choose what you really love; it is your day, after all! You really have the chance to show off your style with your flowers! There are just so many variations; it’s pretty easy to do something unique with it. I tried to gather a variety of pictures, none that were too similar. I could publish multiple posts dedicated just to these lovely creations; I absolutely adore them!

My sister’s bouquet. Taken by the lovely Rebekah from Bekah Hope Photography. Click on the pic to see more of her work!

What flowers did you have for your wedding? Or, what kind are you planning on for your future wedding day? I always wanted a simple red rose bouquet, but now I think I like the more unusual flower groupings!

~Hannah B

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